What We Do

Because of our combined expertise we can cover every aspect of a case and talk to the banks in their own language.

We can, if you wish, act on your behalf totally, accompany you at meetings with your bank or simply supply you with the information to enable you to negotiate on your own.

The choice is entirely yours.

We can:
  • Check the accuracy of interest and banking fees charged to your accounts.
  • Obtain refunds of monies overcharged.
  • Access your present banking set up and make suggested changes.
  • Negotiate more competitive rates with your own bank or alternative finance houses
  • Obtain legal opinion and representation, where appropriate.

Our initial meeting is free of charge, so peace of mind costs nothing more than a little of your time. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed and you are in control every step of the way.

Our business can help your business to trade more profitably and thrive in an increasingly complicated financial marketplace. With our experience and expertise we can take care of your banking while you take care of your business